The new Thermi City Hall consists of two main buildings with total GEA of 3,700.00 m2. The main structure houses a two storey underground parking covering the whole plan of the building. The underground parking is founded on a grillage of spread foundation beams. The surrounding RC shell is used to support earth pressures and provide waterproofing. The slabs of the building, due to the large spans, are mushroom type with ribs in the main spanning direction. On the ground floor there is the main City Council Hall, and four large meeting rooms. In the middle of the building there is a large atrium.

The Second building houses the offices and services of the council. The structure is formed by RC columns and beams that carry conventional solid RC slabs. The two buildings are connected with a steel footbridge spanning 12.15m.

The roof of the main building consists of steel frames and polycarbonate plastic panels. On the south side there are photovoltaic panels in order to reduce the CO2 footprint of the building.

Our role: Detailed Structural Design